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I'm A Slave For You Loyal Fans.

Lefty says:

Yes, it's been a while. Lately, Britney's been a little hesitant to let us do our own publicity. I guess she's concerned about she appears to the public. She doesn't want to be seen as just a sex symbol anymore. That's why in her new music video, she only thrusts 4 times and gyrates 7 times, compared with the average 8 and 12.

In the new video, one of the dancers licks her face. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. A couple months ago the dancer would have licked me or righty instead. Or should that be "righty and me"? Oh, I don't know. Alas, I never went to school. I feel like such an udder failure.

So, you might have seen Britney at the VMA's about a month ago. Man, that snake was so close, I was afraid it was going to bite me. Right in the JUGular. But luckily, it didn't. Let it be known that Britney Spears takes good care of her boobs.

Fondly yours,
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