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Lefty says:

Only seven more days until the American Music Awards. I'm so excited. In case you didn't know, Brtiney's hosting (Duh). Today, Britney tried on her entire wardrobe in front of some mirrors and dress designers and whatnot, and let me tell you, we're going to be getting plenty of air time. Sometimes it seems the world just can't get enough of us. I, of course, am thrilled by this, but Righty says she's had enough, and she can't wait until Britney retires or becomes unpopular (god forbid)or whatever. She also says that if the media doesn't stop following us around so muich soon, Righty might just hang up her hat and break up the twosome, and I'd have to continue my carreer on my own. Hopefully though, these are just idol threats and Righty would never leave me, although I'm confident that I could carry the show by myself (although it might be a little lopsided). Britney has supported and durtured us and allowed us to grow all these years; I think the least we could do is stand up for herand help her make her shpw complete. I mean, we're not going to be perky forever. WE might as well make use of our supple firmness now, while we have the chance.

I see where Righty's coming from in a way, though. During rehearsals for the AMAs, LL Cool J (our co-host) keeps staring at us. And he's totally obvious about it too. Ah well, 'tis the life of a boob.

Well, back to rehearsal. Again.

Fondly yours,
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